Almost Home

Almost Home

Almost Home (2013)

Almost Home, is dedicated to my late mother and features collaborations from some of the 518′s best producers and MCs. And you can listen to it for free here. Also available for purchase on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon markets.

01 Almost Home (Produced by Absolute, Cuts by Nate Da Great)
02 Circles ft. Mike Arson (Produced by Mike Arson)
03 Hands Up (Produced by Rawthreat)
04 This Time ft. Mirk (Produced by Dood Computer)
05 Action Figures ft. Knowl’ege, Madness & KassCrook (Produced by Deborah’s Son)
06 Modern Family ft. Micka Mex (Produced by Mike Arson)
07 Changing (Produced by Critical Beatz)
08 Where I Went Wrong ft. Tee Sdot (Produced by Jack Of All Trades)
09 February Pimpin’ (Tax Money) ft. JB!! aka Dirty Moses (Produced by PJ Katz)
10 No Filter (Produced by James Rock)
11 TNMMD (Produced by Mike Arson)
12 I Won’t Care ft. Sev Statik (Produced by Cokane Beats)
13 Half Breed (Produced by Scott Chambers)
14 Simple & Plain ft. Against The Grain (Produced by Mike Arson)
15 Dear Masai (Produced by Los Da Mystro)

Image courtesy of “courtney v photography”

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