Almost Gone

Almost Gone

Almost Gone (2008)

Masai’s first solo album, Almost Gone, is the first in the “Almost” trilogy. It was executive produced by Mike Arson of Against the Grain, and covers topics ranging from love, to race, to poverty, and death.

01 Almost Gone
02 Easy Come Easy Go
03 I Told You So
04 Wish Now
05 Where I Come From
feat. Mike Arson
06 How To Make A Skit (Interlude)
07 Nobody Can Tell Me Nothing
08 I Don’t Mind
09 Let Em Know
10 Role Playing
11 Twist it Up
feat. JPlus
12 Listen To Me
13 The Land of Misfit Boys
14 Raising The Bar
15 Momentum

16 Once In A While Remix feat. Akon
17 Baby Are You Ready Remix w/ John Earl

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