Masai To Perform Alongside Sev Statik/Goldtooth At “2013 Garage Band Series”

Garage BandImagine for a moment that you’re standing outside.  You hear live music echoing from atop a mighty stone structure.  A fat rapper appears and reaches down from atop his platform to wipe the tears of joy from your face.  This exact scenario will take place on Sept. 20th in Albany, NY, as Masai shares the stage with hip-rock band Goldtooth, lead by bearded beat bully Sev Statik.

Parking is free.  Admission is free.  And there’s no age limit.  It’s an early show, but fortunately Masai’s partner in rhyme, Mike Arson, has his own show later that evening at Bogie’s.  Two shows in one day!

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