The Life And Times Of Barry Allen EP

LATOBA cover
The Life and Times of Barry Allen” is a short EP chronicling my life during the past few months. I ripped and sampled all the music from The Flash TV show—along with the dialogue comprising the interludes and skits. Then I created some Flash-themed cover art. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I’ve admittedly been taking a lot of meds, so who knows?

Ultimately this project is an exercise in self care. If you’re not familiar with my life, or Barry Allen’s, you can still bop your head to the music.

I’ve made arrangements to donate any and all proceeds from #LATOBA to Black women artists in the Capital District. But, like all of my music, you can also stream it for free.

Special thanks to Mike Arson on percussion and JB!! for mastering.



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