Masai Added To Empire State Heavyweights Show: Round 1

I have a show coming up.  You can buy tickets here.  Or you can buy tickets at the door.  Or you can just show up and hope the bouncer isn’t looking and sneak in.  Your choice.


“Black Noize” Video by JB & Masai Debuts On

Damn I already said all the information in the title.  Well… here’s a link.

SYFFAL | “Where I Went Wrong” by Masai feat Tee Sdot SYFFAL was kind enough to add “Where I Went Wrong” to their archive of awesome videos that barely get watched.  Go and barely watch it and read their witty witticisms willingly.

“Where I Went Wrong” Official Video [HD]

This is the official video of “Where I Went Wrong.”   Not to be confused with the unofficial video, which was released on Vine last week and consisted of me dry heaving for 6 seconds.  Enjoy both.

Masai Wins Metroland’s Coveted “Best Rapper” Title For 2013




Well this is pretty damn awesome.  Critically acclaimed entertainment rag, The Metroland, realized this week that I’m the best rapper on planet Earth! Don’t believe me?  See for yourself.

Times Union Gives “Dear Masai” Video Some e-Lovin’

Times UnionThe Albany Times Union took it upon themselves to feature the “Dear Masai” video on their local music section.  This is great news, since Hip-Hop is often absent from local press!

Kudos to them for acknowledging how amazing I am.  That needs to happen more often for my friends in the scene. & Feature “Dear Masai” did the honorable thing and published an article about my disdain for the Postal Service.  Huge thanks to them for featuring the “Dear Masai” video.

Not to be outdone, responded in kind, and featured “Dear Masai” as well.  Stay tuned next week to see which one retains the crown as my favorite online publication!

Masai To Perform Alongside Sev Statik/Goldtooth At “2013 Garage Band Series”

Garage BandImagine for a moment that you’re standing outside.  You hear live music echoing from atop a mighty stone structure.  A fat rapper appears and reaches down from atop his platform to wipe the tears of joy from your face.  This exact scenario will take place on Sept. 20th in Albany, NY, as Masai shares the stage with hip-rock band Goldtooth, lead by bearded beat bully Sev Statik.

Parking is free.  Admission is free.  And there’s no age limit.  It’s an early show, but fortunately Masai’s partner in rhyme, Mike Arson, has his own show later that evening at Bogie’s.  Two shows in one day!

Masai Performance Featured on



Let me guess. You missed another show! Shame on you. Fortunately there’s some footage that the folks at Ashes & Drinks were kind enough to put on their website. Special thanks to Beat*Shot Music for allowing me to rock at their monthly EOM show. And thanks to ATG and Origin who also shared the stage with me. Follow @MasaiATG on Twitter and Facebook to hear about more upcoming shows. Harness The Power Of Masai’s “Action Figures” For Their Popular Comic Podcast

TheVestryMen.comSo some hardcore nerds from a popular comic book podcast/blog hit me up and asked for permission to use my song “Action Figures” from Almost Home as the theme music to their weekly podcast. I told them to go fuck themselves. But they did it anyway. These are some ballsy nerds. Go like their FB page and tell them you only care about their podcast because of their awesome taste in underground rap music.